Corporate Social Responsibilities-Environmental Policies

Environmental Policies

Steadily promoting what we should do as a responsible enterprise . . .

Application for environmental management system accreditation registered. (Registration No.: JP15/071413)

Environmental Policies

Basic Management Philosophy
By supplying a diversity of light-controlling components, Polatechno Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming an enterprise that can provide customers with "Satisfaction" and contribute to people's cultural life with our products and technology.
In developing our business activities, we will base our corporate behavior on the principle of "Creating the foundation for harmonious symbiosis with the environment." We will accordingly act in an "eco-friendly" manner and, and as a "respectable corporate citizen" deserving trust by the international community, will strive to hand down a sound global environment to the next generation.
Polatechno Environmental Policies
We will maintain, promote and continuously improve our environmental management system activity in order to achieve improvement of customer satisfaction and contribution to global environment conservation in all our business activities ranging from the development, design, order, purchase and production through shipment of polarizing films and retardation films for LCDs and related products.

*We will work on following items as "Priority Themes for Environmental Management" for environmental management system.

Priority Themes for Environmental Management
  1. 【Reduction of environmental pollution and prevention of pollution】
    We will properly recognize our business activities and products may have impact on the environment, and implement the appropriate management of hazardous substances, while striving to reduce environmental pollution and prevent pollution.
  2. 【Compliance with laws】
    We will comply with environment-related laws as well as requirements our company agreed, and formulate and implement our voluntary standards to the extent technologically and economically as possible.
  3. 【Research, development and purchase】
    With regards to product development, technological development, materials, subsidiary materials, and purchasing products, we will prioritize such resources with low environmental impact as possible.
  4. 【Productivity and quality improvement】
    We will continuously improve productivity and quality, as well as strive to eliminate wasteful factors in our manufacturing activities (waste of over-production, waste of waiting time, waste of transportation, waste of processing itself, waste of inventory, waste of motion and waste of making defects).
  5. 【Waste reduction and resource saving】
    We will minimize the generation of industrial waste as well as separate and manage it properly, and strive to recycle resources and use it effectively.
  6. 【Energy saving】
    We will promote energy saving activity to prevent global warming.
  7. 【Education】
    Through education, training and awareness activities, we will familiarize our employees with basic knowledge and enhance their specialist skills as well as awareness and motivation.
  8. 【Continuous improvement】
    In promoting environmental management activities, we will formulate and implement our own "Environmental Objectives" and review them periodically. In addition, we will continuously improve effectiveness of environmental management system which are regularly assessed and reviewed.

    * This Environmental Policy will be informed to all our employees as well as disclosed to public.

Established on April 1, 2000
Amended on June 24, 2015
Hiromi Morita, President & CEO
Polatechno Co., Ltd.