Business Activities-Research & Development

Research & Development

From Basic to Application Research . . . Polatechno Meets Ever-Diverse, Sophisticated Market Needs.

Ever since its establishment in 1991, Polatechno has addressed the development and manufacture of polarizing films, retardation films and related products. Our polarizing films boast high-durability functions and performance, which are highly rated especially for onboard applications and LCD projector applications where high reliability and high durability are the utmost requirements. 
Behind our strengths are technological assets inherited from our parent companies: “Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd.” with superior strength in the development of dyes for polarizing films and other chemicals, and “Arisawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.” specializing in “Coating, Weaving and Molding” technologies. Taking advantage of the heritage from these two “backbones,” Polatechno has untiringly pursued research and development to attain the technological strength we have today.
In the field of basic research, we pursue research activities from a long-range perspective in close collaboration with the Functional Chemicals Institute of Nippon Kayaku.
We simultaneously promote original, in-house technological development. Our R&D activities in this connection include those for new product development jointly with our customers as well as endeavors for practical use of new technologies, research for improvement and applied development.
Polatechno also addresses the improvement of its R&D environment through measures such as the establishment of “Rules of Handling New Inventions” for the purpose of encouraging inventions and technological developments company-wide.
As the development of our ICT-based society accelerates, demand for polarizing films and retardation films are on the increase by customers in the LCDs and other related fields. We will further our R&D activities for new technology and new product development to respond to world market needs precisely and in a timely manner.

automobile-related fields

Our products are actively at work in automobile-related fields that demand lasting performance under rigorous conditions.

sensor display field

In the sensor display field as well, products cannot exhibit their designed performance without polarizing films.

LCD display components

Our products are best suited for use as LCD projector components that are to be constantly subjected to high temperatures. We are proud of our adhesion technology with features to keep LCDs from deteriorating.