Manufacturing in Line with the Policy: "Producing Stable-Quality Products Safely"

Polarizing and retardation film manufacturing processes represent the entirety of composite technologies, so to speak. Improvement of technologies and operational processes is requisite in order to give full play to capabilities peculiar to individual materials and to secure required characteristics stably at all times. This holds true in particular for Polatechno as a manufacturer of products for onboard and LCD applications, which demand high reliability and high durability one step ahead of the times. Indeed, at Polatechno manufacturing means an endless repetition of innovations.

Applied fields and domains are also expanding in pace with the rapid market growth. This in turn increasingly calls for Polatechno to adapt itself to multi-variety small-lot production by promoting dynamic and flexible operations in tune with market needs.

Beginning in 1999 Polatechno is energetically promoting what is known as the PPS (Polatechno Product System) activities as a key initiative for improvement of operational processes. For example, the PPS is focused on thorough pursuit of cleanliness in manufacturing processes, standardization of operational procedures to eliminate “Unreasonable, Wasteful and Irregular" factors, and minimization of negative impacts on the environment.

The PPS aims to firmly re-establish our manufacturing activities in line with our policy of "Producing Stable-Quality Products Safely" in respect to all of the Five Elements of Production Activities, i.e.,
Q(quality), C(cost), D(delivery time), S(safety) M(morale).

Specifically, we pursue visualization of the state of manufacturing process management by using "Production Management Boards" and seek to solve problems of the day through discussions among employees under a campaign known as "Do It First in the Afternoon." Initiatives also include the "Rediscover Treasure Mountains" campaign aimed to reduce costs and environmental impacts.

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