Quality Policy

ISO9001 Quality Policy

Basic Policy:

We Polatechno shall satisfy customer trust based on the motto "Keep supplying society with the best products through binding our constant improvement and conscience" set out in Nippon Kayaku's corporate vision KAYAKU sprit, through manufacturing and selling liquid crystal display polarizing films, retardation films, polarizing films for projectors, and other optical application components.

Priority Themes:

  1. Based on this quality policy, we Polatechno set out each department's business plan as our quality target, and we shall perform PDCA cycle faster and improve customer satisfaction.
  2. We Polatechno shall keep providing high-quality products to satisfy customers by developing new markets for existing products.
  3. We Polatechno shall always speedily respond to consumer needs with the enhancement of organization and job site strength in mind, for creating and expanding characteristic differentiated products.
  4. We Polatechno shall work on ensuring the safety and security, always keeping in mind to promote automation, boost clean consciousness, advance human resource development and share information.

Quality Control

Our Rigid Quality Assurance System Lives Up to Trust Placed by Customers

Polatechno enjoys the highest rating by the market in the field of high-durability polarizing films and retardation films. To maintain this favorable reputation, we position rigid quality control as the very foundation underlying all production processes.

In order to ensure our policy of "Producing Stable-Quality Products Safely," each and every operational process must be backed by the strictest quality assurance system. With this firmly in mind, we have established a company-wide quality management system through endeavors led and coordinated by the Quality Assurance Department.

Perfect cleanliness is a motto at each and every one of our factories, where all processes including the acceptance of materials, processing and manufacture, and the final shipment inspection are subjected to rigid quality assurance.

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