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Over the years we Polatechno Group has supplied a variety of light-controlling components for application to various scenes of your daily lives. In fact, our products play vital roles in a diverse range of equipment – in DVD players, in car navigation systems, in projectors and even in X-ray analyzers. Our strength lies especially in the field of "Control of Light" that widely ranges from X-ray to ultraviolet light, to visible light and to infrared light.

Our business domain is a "niche" area so to speak, but what our Polatechno Group keeps foremost in mind is to develop "products with innovative and unparalleled characteristics" not available from the competition. As such an R&D-focused manufacturer, we would like to continually live up to our commitment – a commitment to making your consumer lives more convenient and comfortable by supplying safe and highly reliable products of superb quality. Though our products may not be eye-catching, we aim high in our enthusiasm for serving people throughout the world in various aspects of their lives. We are always with our customers and society, so we will promote our business activities while doing our best for environmental conservation and ensuring compliance to social rules.

Masatomi Akezuma<br>President, CEO

Masatomi Akezuma
President, CEO

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