Environmental Initiatives-Corporate Social Responsibilities

Environmental Initiatives

Toward Symbiosis with the Global Environment

As a responsible corporate citizen committed to eco-friendliness and pursuit of economic activities in harmony with the regional communities concerned, Polatechno will strengthen its environmental management system and strive to minimize impacts on the environment and conserve the global environment in all aspects of its business activities.
When it comes to waste water, waste liquids and other industrial waste materials resulting from its industrial activities, Polatechno promotes, under rigid process management, recycling and reuse of waste water, waste liquids and other waste materials, as well as making exhaust gases harmless.
With respect to promotion of green zones within our factory sites, we are promoting flower gardens. In areas surrounding our sites, employees volunteer to clean up the community environment.
Furthermore, approximately 5% of our employees are serving as eco activity monitors.

Creation of flower gardens is being carried out to promote green zones in our factory sites.

This is a waste water recycling facility. We are striving to reduce negative impacts on the environment by recycling various types of factory waste water.

Overall view of the plant for making hazardous exhaust gases harmless.

Employee volunteers engage in weeding in the vicinity of their factory.

Joining forces with the local community, our employees publish a “handmade” newspaper for the betterment of the local environment.