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LCD and Beyond . . .

Taking advantage of our long-standing technology nurtured through the manufacture of polarizing films for LCDs. we are diversifying into diverse fields by developing and supplying a wide range of optical functional materials.

Transfer Films

At Polatechno what we call transfer films refer to films made by sandwiching an adhesive between two release films (liner films). Various kinds of components can be laminated by peeling off the release films.

Our company boasts a rich line-up of adhesives including Nippon Kayaku-developed adhesives that have diverse optical characteristics, durability and physical properties. By making the most of these and our know-how of adhesives blending and of coating technology, our company supplies various applied products for diverse applications. For holographic products, touch panel components, display units for mobile game machines . . . we can meet needs for lamination of virtually all optical functional materials.

Polarizing Films for Organic Electro-Luminescence (ELs)

Circular polarizing films (made by laminating polarizing films and PC retardation films together) are used on the surface of organic EL display units to control electrode reflection and enhance visibility. Colored polarizing films are also used to reduce leakage of light of certain wavelengths.

Bare Polarizing Films for Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses have a structure in which a bare film of PVA polarizing elements is sandwiched by two lenses.

Sunglasses from Polatechno finely cater to specific consumer tastes for hue and color density.

Polatechno's proprietary technology is also incorporated in polarized sunglasses that prevent irregularly reflected light.

Goggles for Winter Sports

Polatechno's winter sports goggles are provided with hard coating to keep their exterior from being damaged. The inner lens surfaces also come with anti-fogging treatment.

3D Glasses

At 3D theaters at amusement parks and the like, viewers wear polarizing films as 3D glasses with the right and left polarizing axis arranged orthogonally to each other. With 3D TV units now spreading, some systems require glasses using polarizing films.

Optical Filters (1/4 wavelength plates)

PVA retardation films are used as optical filters for optical cameras, telescopes and binoculars.

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