Temperature-Matched Elliptical Polarizing Film

Our Temperature-Matched Elliptical Polarizing Film (TEP) Series products use the birefrigent temperature-matched retardation film "Twistar" developed by DEJIMA OPTICAL FILMS B.V. and are capable of optical compensation of STN cell in a wide temperature range.

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Basic Structure of TEP

Explanation of TEP Product Names

Product names 950 H 180 N HC SK43K1 135
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
No. Meaning Example
(1) Retardation value 950=950nm
(2) Twistar type H=H grade(R450/R589=1.123)
(3) Twist angle 180=180°
(4) Twist angle direction N = Negative direction
P = Positive direction
(5) Durability grade HC = High durability grade
(6) Type of polarizing film SK43K1 = SKN-18243TZ-K1
UH125 = UHC-125U
SH125 = SHC-125U
(7) Absorption axis angle of polarizing film, assuming the direction of liquid crystal orientation is 0°. 135 = 135°

Note: In the above twist angle directions, anticlockwise directions are defined as Negative and clockwise directions as Positive, assuming the horizontal direction on the polarizing film plane is 0°.

Types of TEP

For Normally Black mode 950H180NHC
For polarizing film combination, please contact us.
For Normally White mode 665H178PHC

Conditions for Assurance of TEP Reliability

TEP: Iodine-type polarizing film type TEP: Dye-type polarizing film type
Heat 85℃×1000h 90℃×1000h
Humidity 60℃×90%RH×1000h 65℃×93%RH×1000h

Photo above: Display optically compensated with Twistar™ retardation film

Photo below: Display optically compensated with PC retardation film


Twistar™ retardation films are manufactured and supplied to Polatechno by DEJIMA OPTICAL FILMS B.V., our subsidiary in the Netherlands. Polatechno established this company by taking over the optical film business of AkzoNobel in 1999.

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