Our Products

Toward Even Higher Functions and Higher Quality
  • 偏光フィルム
    Polarizing film is roughly divided into two types: iodine-type film with superior optical characteristics and dye-type film with superior heat-resistant characteristics.
    Behind the high durability and high quality of our polarizing films are dyes and adhesives jointly developed with our parent company Nippon Kayaku, a leading dye manufacturer in Japan.

  • 液晶プロジェクタ部材
    LCD projectors require polarizing film and plates durable enough to resist strong light sources.
    Our company's ProFlux™ polarizers and inorganic polarizers enable bright big-screen images.

  • 無機偏光板
    Our ProFlux™inorganic polarizers boast high durability far exceeding that of organic polarizing film.
    Not only are they capable of polarizing visible light but also infrared and ultraviolet light as well.

  • X線分析装置部品
    Our company continues to pursue compact components for the X-ray domain.
    MOXTEK Inc., our subsidiary, develops and manufactures key components for portable type fluorescent X-ray analyzers.

  • 応用製品
    Backed by our long-standing technology nurtured through the manufacture of polarizing film for LCDs, our company is expanding the scope of technology to develop and supply a variety of other optical functional components.