Inorganic Polarizers

Our Microprocessing Technology Enables Ever-expanding Applications

Inorganic Polarizers ProFlux™

To ensure bright and clear image display of LCD projectors, our high-durability polarizers are indispensable as they can perform and maintain superior functions for many hours under high temperature conditions. Our inorganic polarizers ProFlux™ fully meets the increasingly rigorous demands for polarizer performance.

Made by forming an aluminum film on a glass wafer with fine slits, the ProFlux™ provides required polarizer performance. This gives ProFlux™ the durability and light fastness far exceeding those of organic polarizing films.

Not only can it polarize visible light but also infrared and ultraviolet light. Thanks to these superb characteristics, its applications are constantly expanding to include medical equipment, LCDs and biometrics, among others.

With our ProFlux™ inorganic polarizer, the reflective type (left) or absorption type (right) is optional according to your use.

Results of ProFlux™ Ultra-high Temperature Radiation Test

When compared with a dye-type polarizing film (right), no change can be observed with ProFlux™ (left) whereas the former shows burning.

Infrared and Ultraviolet Optical Characteristics of ProFlux™

Our ProFlux™ shows polarizing characteristics even in the infrared and ultraviolet ranges.

Technological Development Derived from ProFlux™

We are promoting application of our microprocessing technology.

Patterned Polarizer


ProFlux™ inorganic polarizers are produced by our American subsidiary MOXTEK, Inc. MOXTEK is a nanotechnology-focused venture business to manufacture and sell inorganic polarizers and X-ray analyzer components. It was established by a professor of Brigham Young University who had been commissioned by NASA to develop components for a compact X-ray analyzer. MOXTEK joined the Polatechno Group in 2004.

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