LCD Projector Components

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LCD Projectors

LCD projectors are one of the information tools indispensable to our modern life – as a presentation tool for business and educational tasks and as a useful tool for home theater.

Since LCD projectors use a powerful light source to project and magnify a small LCD panel, they require greater durability under high temperature conditions than that of direct viewing LCD displays. Polatechno's polarizer components enable such bright big screens.

The above are the basic structures of LCD projectors. Polatechno products are used as main components in the projectors.

Explanation of Symbols

S polarization: Dotted lines / P polarization: Solid lines / PCS: Polarization conversion system / FM: Folding mirror / DM: Dichroic mirror / CL: Condenser lens / IL: Integrator lens / LCLV: LC light valve / DC: Dichroic cross prism

LCD Projector Components

LCD projectors incorporate our LCD projector components. Specifically, these components are made by cutting dye-type polarizing films or retardation films into appropriate sizes and laminating them to a flat glass plate or a prism.

Having established technological superiority in fields such as the development of dyes, manufacture of high-durability polarizing films, development of high-durability adhesives, coating and precision processing, our company boasts a global market share of over 80% in its field.

Inorganic Polarizer ProFlux™

With LCD projectors, developmental efforts are focused on making them even smaller and brighter. This increasingly calls for LCD projector components to have performance capabilities that can withstand rigorous operational conditions. Polatechno has proposed the inorganic polarizer ProFlux™ as a product exceeding the limit of durability of conventional organic polarizing films, which is adopted by projector manufacturers.

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