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X-ray Analyzer Components

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X-ray Analyzer Components

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis has been widely used for portable composition analysis of minerals, metals, and biological samples.
Since the importance of environmental conservation is coming to the forefront in recent times, portable X-ray fluorescence analyzers are playing a significant role in the screening of materials for hazardous substances as well as sorting scrap for recycling.
The characteristics of X-ray fluorescence analysis is made even easier to use by Polatechno's portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer components. Our compact, lightweight, and battery-powered X-ray sources and detectors are contributing greatly to making analyzer units more compact and lightweight.

Main Components

Our company develops and manufactures primary components for portable X-ray analyzers, as follows:

Window components: High X-ray transmittance and chemical resistance.
X-ray source tubes: Miniature tubes with integrated HV power supplies ideal for portable and benchtop applications.

X-ray detectors: Compact designs for use in benchtop and handheld XRF systems.

Function of each component in analysis


MOXTEK, Inc.X-ray analyzer components are produced by our American subsidiary MOXTEK, Inc. MOXTEK is a nanotechnology-focused venture business to manufacture and sell inorganic polarizer and X-ray analyzer components. It was established by a team of experts from professor of Brigham Young University who were commissioned by NASA to develop compact x-ray components. MOXTEK joined the Polatechno Group in 2004

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